Many security systems rely on the 3G network to communicate in an emergency. However, the major cellular carriers are rapidly replacing 3G with LTE, creating a serious security risk for many Temecula Valley residents and businesses.

The 3G Sunset and Your Security System

3g sunset threaten security
3G cellular towers are being replaced now, which means your security system could malfunction at any time.

You may not be familiar with the phrase “3G Sunset”, but if you rely on the protection of a security system for your home or business, it’s critically important that you understand what it is and how it may affect your security.

In short, the cellular carriers (AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile) are replacing 3G with LTE. This means that if you have a security system that relies on 3G to communicate during an emergency such as a fire, burglary or robbery, you may not get a response from the authorities if your system has not been upgraded ahead of time.

Many security systems communicate via the 3G cellular network. Without a radio upgrade to LTE, these systems will be unable to communicate with their central monitoring station after the 3G Sunset.

How Do I Know if My Security System is Affected?

If you have a proactive, customer-focused security company, they should have already contacted you if your system requires an upgrade. 

Unfortunately, far too many security companies are “behind the curve” on this critical issue, leaving their customers in the dark and potentially vulnerable. 

If your security company has not provided guidance, we are more than happy to assist to determine if your system needs an upgrade.

Your current security company should have already contacted you regarding your situation with respect to the 3G Sunset. If not, contact us right away to determine if your security system requires an LTE upgrade to continue functioning properly.

How to Easily Determine if Your System Requires an LTE Upgrade

Just send us photographs of your security system's keypad and control panel and we will let you know if it requires an LTE upgrade to continue working properly.

If you’re not sure if your security system is affected by the 3G Sunset, we’re happy to help. Just take photographs of your security system’s keypad and control panel and send them to us using the form on this page. We will let you know right away via email if your system requires an upgrade. 

You are under no obligation to upgrade through us and we will not try to sell you anything. We are happy to provide this free service to ensure you and our entire community here in the Temecula Valley are always fully protected.

If you’re not sure if your security system requires an LTE radio upgrade, we’re happy to assist. Just use the form below and we will advise you via email. If you would like to talk with us directly please call (951) 302-3100.

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Does your security system use a cellular radio to communicate with the central monitoring station? *
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