Video Surveillance Systems: Crime Deterrence, Detection, Response and More

Professionally designed and installed closed-circuit video surveillance (CCTV) systems are a highly effective method to protect your facilities, employees and visitors in Temecula and surrounding communities.

Utilizing the latest hardware and software technology combined with dedicated response professionals, an A-Bell Alarms “intelligent” video surveillance system not only deters crime but can help ensure criminals are quickly detected and apprehended.

Beyond crime prevention, our CCTV systems also provide you with a number of very important benefits to reduce risk and costs and increase profits.

customized video surveillance temecula
A-Bell Alarms designs and installs customized video surveillance systems for all types of businesses and facilities in the Temecula Valley.

Proactive Video Surveillance Systems That Deter and Respond

video surveillance analytics temecula ca
Modern advances in video surveillance technology allows systems to both deter, detect and proactively respond to incidents. This reduces law enforcement response times and the need for on-site security guards.

Thanks to advances in hardware and software technology, including video analytics, an A-Bell Alarms video surveillance system reduces both external and internal risks.

An “intelligent” CCTV system can now detect crimes or other events at your facilities and send detailed information to our monitoring center for evaluation and response.

You no longer need to rely on security guards continually scanning multiple CCTV system monitors or performing physical patrols of your facilities. Instead, alarm events are automatically detected by the CCTV system and streaming video is sent to our monitoring center for immediate analysis. (You can also have video sent to any email account you desire.)

Our dispatch professionals can then respond with verbal warnings to perpetrators and/or dispatch law enforcement, reducing or even eliminating the need for on-site security guards.

Far More Than an Ordinary CCTV System

Beyond what’s commonly thought of as the traditional functions of a CCTV system, an “intelligent” video surveillance system from A-Bell Alarms can provide a number of important benefits across your entire organization:

  • Improve employee compliance with policies such as customer service, dress codes and safety
  • Integrate with other security measures such as intrusion detection and hold-up panic buttons
  • Enhance access control system capabilities by allowing visual verification of who entered protected areas of your facility
  • Protect the organization against fraudulent workers compensation or “slip-and-fall” claims
  • Verify the legitimacy of employee retail transactions
professional monitoring video surveillance temecula
Our video surveillance systems are professionally monitored to provide the ultimate in security and proactive response.

Talk With Us About Your Security Needs

With A-Bell Alarms, you get the advantages of a local company with the ultimate in top-of-the-line security products and services. We invite you to talk with us today about how an intelligent video surveillance system can not only protect your facilities but contribute to your bottom line.