Are you or someone you know a resident of Temecula Valley with a disability looking for a way to live more independently and securely at home? A study by the National Council on Disabilities found that 80% of people with disabilities want to live independently in their own homes but require modifications and assistive technologies to do so. As noted by Chris Sizemore, owner of A-Bell Alarms Company, “Home automation technology has the power to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities. By offering convenient, safe, and accessible control over the home environment with Resideo’s ProSeries Life Safety and Security System, people with disabilities can live with greater independence and security.”

Home Automation Benefits for People with Disabilities

The Pro Series Life Safety & Security System from Resideo and its Total Connect App offer a home automation solution for people with disabilities to live a safer, smarter, and more convenient life in their own homes. Here are some of the features that will impact the quality of life for these individuals:

Voice Control with Amazon’s Alexa

With Amazon’s Alexa as a partner, managing daily tasks has never been easier. Partnered with Amazon’s Alexa, these features can also be controlled with simple voice commands, making it easier to manage daily tasks without having to physically reach for switches or buttons. For example, you can tell your Pro Series Security System what to do. Just use simple voice commands to turn lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, lock or unlock doors, and more. No need to lift a finger!

Automated Lighting

In addition, with the Pro Series Security System, you can enjoy a well-lit home without worrying about finding the light switch. The system’s automated lighting feature can be programmed to turn lights on or off, or to dim to a desired level, creating a safer and more comfortable environment. For example, the system’s automated lighting feature can be programmed to turn lights on at sunset, or to dim to a desired level, creating a safer and more comfortable environment. It’s a convenient way to control the lighting in your home without lifting a finger.

Door Locking/Unlocking

With a smart lock on your door and a SkyBell video doorbell, you’ll know who’s at your front door and be able to secure your home from anywhere, anytime, with the Total Connect App on your smart device. For example, visitors at the front door? No problem! You’ll eliminate the need for physically unlocking the door, making it easier for individuals with physical disabilities to grant access to their homes.

Smart Thermostats

With home automation, individuals with physical disabilities can easily adjust the temperature in their homes. For example, if you have limited mobility, you can control your smart thermostat remotely with the Total Connect App, without having to physically reach for the thermostat. This feature not only makes it easier to manage your home environment, but also helps you save energy and money on your utility bills. It’s like having your own personal air conditioning and heating specialist at your fingertips.

Emergency Response

Lastly, the Pro Series Life Safety & Security System can automatically detect emergencies, such as fires or carbon monoxide leaks, and alert emergency services. This feature can be especially important for people with disabilities who may be unable to detect emergencies on their own. The system can also be configured to provide customizable alerts and notifications to suit the specific needs of the individual. For example, a person with a hearing impairment may prefer to receive visual alerts on their smartphone or tablet instead of audible alerts from the security system.

When it comes to living independently in the Temecula Valley, accessibility and home automation are two essential components that work hand-in-hand. By using the Pro Series Life Safety & Security System and Total Connect App, individuals with disabilities can have the necessary tools to live their life to the fullest and enjoy a safer, smarter, and more convenient home environment.

To take advantage of these benefits, consider upgrading your home today with the Pro Series. With this advanced home automation system, accessibility is within reach, and you can take control of your safety and independence. Don’t wait any longer – start enjoying the benefits of a more accessible and automated home today!