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Why I’m So Passionate About Your Security

Kathy Sizemore shares a childhood experience with a break-in that helped create her passion for providing real security for families.

Video | Are Home Security Systems Effective?

From university studies to research with law enforcement and end-users, the evidence is clear. Home security systems are perhaps the single most important tool when it comes to effective home security and reducing crime in a community.

The “3 D’s” of Business and Home Security

While important in even the safest cities, taking extra measures to protect against property crime is especially essential when it's at the level we have here in the Temecula Valley. 

The 3G Sunset May Threaten Your Security

Many security systems rely on the 3G network to communicate in an emergency. However, the major cellular carriers are rapidly replacing 3G with LTE, creating a serious security risk for many Temecula Valley residents and businesses.
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