When it comes to safety, the Temecula crime rate stands out, particularly regarding violent crimes. The Temecula Valley is often praised as one of the safest regions in the United States. In 2022, the violent crime rate in Temecula was strikingly low at 127.1 per 100,000 residents, putting it well below the national average​1​.

Property Crime in Temecula: A Closer Look

However, if we turn our attention to property crimes, the picture changes slightly. According to 2022 data, Temecula experienced around 1,942.6 property crimes per 100,000 people, a rate that, while slightly lower than the national average, is still considerable​1​. This discrepancy raises the importance of being vigilant in protecting one’s property, especially in Temecula.

As Sgt. Hilton from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Burglary Suppression Team pointedly noted during a presentation to the Temecula City Council, “Temecula is a very target rich environment. It’s nice; people have nice things, and other people come here to steal them.” His statement reminds us that the attractiveness of Temecula can sometimes draw unwelcome attention.

The Impact of Property Crime in California

In California, concern about property crime is higher than any other category of crime, with a particular focus on burglary. Despite a decrease in the overall property crime rate statewide, the number of burglaries makes up a larger proportion of property crimes in California compared to the national average​2​.

Given this context, it is no surprise that many Californians are taking steps to protect their property. Indeed, around 78% of Californians use some form of property protection, with security cameras being the most popular choice​2​.

In a beautiful and prosperous area like Temecula Valley, taking additional precautions to protect property is not just recommended, it’s a necessity. Through a well-planned combination of deterrence, detection and delay strategies, Temecula residents can significantly enhance the safety of their homes and enjoy peace of mind.

The Three D’s of Security

The Three D’s of security, namely Deterrence, Detection, and Delay, form a comprehensive security strategy that any homeowner or business owner can implement to safeguard their property and lower crime. Furthermore, the aim is to make any potential criminal activity more difficult, risky, and time-consuming, thereby reducing the chances of becoming a target. In the following sections, we will delve into each of these components, starting with ‘Deterrence’. This first ‘D’ is all about making your property less attractive to potential intruders. By increasing the perceived risk and difficulty associated with targeting your home or business, you can effectively deter most burglars who are typically looking for an easy job.

Deter: Making Your Property Less Attractive to Criminals

This is about making your property less appealing to potential intruders. Whether you’re securing your home or your business, the goal is the same: make it look like a tough job to avoid risks. By making your property appear more challenging to infiltrate, you can effectively discourage potential intruders. Here are some strategies to boost the deterrence factor:

Automate your lighting and electronics

Intruders often scout for properties that appear vacant. With the ProSeries security system from Resideo, coupled with the Total Connect App, you can schedule the lights, TV, and music to turn on and off at specific times, giving the impression that someone is present even when you’re away.

Keep up appearances

If you’re away, don’t halt your mail, water, newspaper, or other deliveries. This can be a telltale sign that your property is unoccupied. Instead, arrange for someone to collect these items for you, maintaining the image of an active establishment.

Advertise your security system

If you have a security system installed, don’t keep it a secret. Post signs and window decals alerting potential intruders that your property is protected. Letting potential intruders know you have the advanced ProSeries system from Resideo can be an effective deterrent in itself.

Install a visible security camera

Visible security cameras can significantly deter potential intruders. With your Resideo ProSeries security system, you can monitor the security footage remotely through the Total Connect App, ensuring you always have an eye on your property.

Maintain your property 

An overgrown yard or unattended exterior can signal to intruders that your property may be unoccupied. Regular maintenance creates an impression of occupancy and removes potential hiding places for intruders.

Keep your property well-lit

Outdoor lighting, especially motion-activated lights, can be a significant deterrent as it increases the likelihood of an intruder being spotted.

By implementing these deterrent strategies and leveraging the capabilities of your ProSeries security system and Total Connect App, you can make your property less appealing to would-be intruders, providing the first layer of protection against potential break-ins.

Detect: Staying Alert to Potential Threats

Detection is the cornerstone of any effective security system. It’s about knowing when someone is attempting to invade your property so you can respond swiftly. Here’s how you can enhance your property’s detection capabilities:

Equip your property with motion sensors

The ProSeries security system from Resideo allows you to install motion sensors around your property. These sensors can detect movement, alerting you to the presence of potential intruders before they even reach your doors or windows. Better yet, consider adding indoor motion viewers to your security setup. These devices can capture video clips when motion is detected, providing you with visual confirmation of any activity inside your business or home. This additional layer of security can be invaluable in quickly identifying and responding to potential threats.

Install security cameras

Cameras are one of the best ways to detect any unusual activity around your property. They act as both a deterrent and a means of detection. With the Total Connect App, you can monitor your security cameras remotely, giving you the power to spot threats in real-time.

Use door and window sensors

Equip your doors and windows with sensors that alert you when they are opened. This allows you to detect an intrusion the moment it happens.

Video Doorbell to lower Temecula Crime and Package TheftLeverage the power of video doorbell cameras

Video doorbell cameras allow you to see who’s at your door without you having to open it. They can even send you alerts when someone approaches your door, enhancing your ability to detect potential threats. 

Set up glass break detectors 

These devices detect the frequency of breaking glass. If an intruder tries to break a window, the detector will trigger an alarm, notifying you of the attempted intrusion.

Consider professional monitoring

While it’s crucial to have a system in place that alerts you directly, it’s equally important to have professionals monitor your system. They can react to alerts when you’re unable to, dispatching law enforcement if necessary. This ensures a swift response when every second counts.

Maximize the potential of your Total Connect App

The app can send you real-time alerts whenever your security system detects unusual activity. This enables you to respond to potential threats promptly, no matter where you are.

Regularly maintain your security system

An efficient detection system requires regular maintenance to ensure it’s working optimally. Regularly test your alarms, cameras, and other security devices to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Detection is your early warning system in security. By implementing these detection strategies and making full use of your ProSeries system from Resideo, you’ll be well on your way to securing your property against potential threats.

Delay: Slowing Down Intruders

Burglars are often in a rush. They want to get in, grab what they can, and get out as quickly as possible. That’s why one of the most effective strategies in security is to delay them. Here are some ways you can put the brakes on a would-be burglar at both your home and business:

Reinforce your property’s entry points 

Your doors and windows are the first line of defense. Consider reinforcing your doors with deadbolt locks and your windows with security film. These can make it much harder for burglars to gain quick access to your property.

Lower the Temecula Crime rate by installing alarm sensors on windowsAdd sensors to your windows and doors

With the ProSeries security system from Resideo, you can add sensors to windows and doors that trigger an alarm if breached. This gives you precious extra minutes to respond and deters burglars who fear getting caught.

Install a security peephole or video doorbell

A burglar who spots a camera at your door might spend extra time trying to avoid it or decide to leave entirely. Both outcomes work in your favor.

Use smart locks

Smart locks, which can be controlled via the Total Connect App, not only deny access to intruders but also notify you of attempted breaches. This added layer of security can delay burglars and help you respond swiftly.

Leverage the landscape

Thorny bushes under windows or noisy gravel can both delay a potential burglar. The discomfort or noise can cause them to pause or turn back.

Invest in a safe

For your most valuable items, using a safe can add an extra layer of delay. Even if a burglar manages to get inside your property, they’ll have to contend with the safe, which can take time they don’t have.

Remember, every second counts when protecting your property. By delaying a burglar’s progress, you increase the chances of them being spotted or deciding your property isn’t worth the risk. With the ProSeries security system from Resideo and these delay strategies, your property becomes a formidable fortress that deters criminals.

Temecula City HallConclusion: Building a Safer Community, Lowering Temecula Crime Rates

In conclusion, while Temecula, California enjoys crime rates generally lower than state and national averages, property crime remains an area of concern. Additionally, the rates of these crimes, including burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft, underscore the importance of taking proactive steps to secure one’s property. In the broader context of California, property crime is decreasing, yet package theft is on the rise, suggesting changing patterns in criminal activity.

It’s essential to remember that even in safer communities, crime can and does occur. Moreover, effective property protection measures, such as security systems and vigilance, can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to property crime. Though the specifics can vary, the presence of a security system is a substantial deterrent to potential burglars.

Temecula Crime: Creating a Comprehensive Security Plan

Therefore, we encourage all residents and business owners in Temecula to consider the benefits of installing or upgrading a comprehensive security system. Not only can this provide peace of mind, but it can also be a critical factor in protecting your property and assets.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. By investing in security now, you can reduce the risk of becoming a statistic in property crime rates. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact A-Bell Alarms, Temecula Valley’s  local security experts today and find out how you can make your home or business safer and more secure.


About the Author: Kathy Sizemore

Along with her husband Chris, Kathy is part of the "Dynamic Duo of Security" in the Temecula Valley. She is passionate about using her expertise to protect not only her own clients but the entire community.

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With over 50 years of experience, we’re Temecula Valley’s trusted local security partner.

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Secure Your Peace of Mind with A-Bell Alarms

With over 50 years of experience, we’re Temecula Valley’s trusted local security partner.

Ready to experience the A-Bell Alarms difference?

Secure Your Peace of Mind with A-Bell Alarms

With over 50 years of experience, we’re Temecula Valley’s trusted local security partner.

Ready to experience the A-Bell Alarms difference?

Ready to experience the A-Bell Alarms difference?