Spring Break is a time to relax and have fun, but it’s important to stay safe while you’re away. Whether traveling with friends or going solo, here are some tips to help you have a worry-free trip.

Tip #1: Secure Your Home Before Leaving

Lock your windows and doors and arm your home security alarm system to ensure your home is safe while you’re away. You could also consider installing a video doorbell and using a home security app such as the Total Connect App from Resideo to monitor what’s happening at home. For example, you’ll get notifications on your phone when someone rings the doorbell or enters your home, giving you peace of mind and a sense of control.

Tip #2: Locate Emergency Exits at Your Hotel

Take note of the nearest emergency exit, and review the hotel’s safety procedures. If you’re traveling with children, make sure they know what to do in case of an emergency.

Tip #3: Secure Any Valuables in Your Hotel Room Safe

Keep your passport, cash, and any other valuables in a secure location, like a hotel room safe. If your room doesn’t have a safe, you could also consider using a small lockbox to keep your valuables secure.

Tip #4: Use the Hotel Deadbolt on Your Room Door or Bring a Door Stopper Device 

Once you’ve arrived at your vacation destination, securing your hotel room is important. Using both the deadbolt and latch on your room door can add two additional levels of protection and privacy. The deadbolt can help prevent someone from unlocking your door with a key, while the latch can provide added security against anyone trying to push the door open. Using both can help ensure that you and your belongings are safe and secure while you’re out enjoying your Spring Break. Additionally, taking extra precautions to ensure your safety is essential if you’re traveling alone. Consider purchasing a door stopper device that is TSA approved and easy to bring on all your trips. This device can provide an added layer of security by preventing anyone from entering your room while you’re sleeping or getting ready.

Tip #5: Drink Responsibly and Always Have a Plan to Get Back to Your Hotel Safely 

Spring Break can be a time for fun and relaxation, but it’s important to remember to drink responsibly. Excessive alcohol consumption can impair your judgement and put you in potentially dangerous situations. Always pace yourself, stay hydrated, and know your limits. If you plan on drinking, eat beforehand and alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. It’s also essential to protect yourself from drink spiking by never leaving your drink unattended or accepting drinks from strangers. Having a plan to get back to your hotel safely, whether through a designated driver, ride-sharing service, or public transportation, is also crucial. Don’t put yourself or others at risk by drinking and driving. By drinking responsibly, protecting your drinks, and planning ahead, you can have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Post About Your Vacation on Social Media 

While sharing your vacation photos and updates with friends and family on social media may be tempting, it’s important to resist the urge. Posting about your vacation on social media can let potential thieves know that you’re not at home and that your home may be vulnerable. Wait until after you return from your trip to post your vacation photos and updates.

Now that you have these five essential Spring Break safety tips, you can relax and enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Remember to secure your home, stay aware of your surroundings, and drink responsibly. And if you want even more control and awareness over your home security while you’re away, consider investing in a Total Connect App or a video doorbell. With these tools, you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are. Have a fun and safe Spring Break!