Security for Your Business Needs

Keep your Business Safe with a Comprehensive Business Alarm System

Our mission at A-Bell Alarms is to provide our business clients with highly effective, comprehensive alarm systems at a reasonable cost. Every business and every space is unique. That’s why we don’t offer a one size fits all alarm package. We meet with every potential business client to examine your business location and work together with you to design and layout a comprehensive alarm system that meets your business’s individual needs. Whether your business is big or small, A-Bell Alarms has a solution.

Leased Alarm Systems

Most businesses lease their commercial space. It doesn’t make sense to pay full price to purchase an alarm system you own for a space you don’t own. A leased alarm system from A-Bell Alarms provides you with a comprehensive security solution for your business at much lower installation cost. Your monthly lease fee covers maintenance for your alarm system. If any part of your alarm system stops working, give us a call, and we’ll be out to repair your system at no additional cost to you.

Alarm Monitoring

Every business alarm system from A-Bell Alarms is connected to our 24 hour UL certified central monitoring station located locally in California. Our highly skilled operators have quick response rates that ensure the proper authorities are promptly notified to respond to your alarm events. Our operators are also there to help you and your employees with technical assistance if challenges arise when disarming your alarm system.

Individual User Codes

Every individual with access to turn arm and disarm your alarm system is issued their own unique user code. Monitor your employees coming and going, limit their access times, or delete their user code to revoke their access to your alarm if and when they leave your company. User code management is performed remotely by A-Bell Alarms as part of you monthly lease, service and monitoring fee.

Remote Access & Notification

Remain connected to your business alarm system and informed of alarm activity from your touch screen device through the Total Connect app. Did an employee forget to arm your alarm before closing? No worries, you can remotely arm or disarm your alarm from the convenience of your mobile phone. Does your business have a relatively consistent pattern of opening and closing times? Your business alarm system can be programmed to auto arm and disarm at a set time automatically.

Integrated Security Cameras

Would you like to keep a closer eye on what’s happening at your business location? We have several security camera options, including cameras equipped with two-way voice communication, that integrate with your business alarm system. Whether your alarm is armed or disarmed, motion-activated cameras can be programmed to send you a notification when motion is detected. You can conveniently view your security cameras through the Total Connect app on your mobile phone or device.

Locally Operated

A-Bell Alarms Company is locally owned and operated out of Temecula, CA. Being local allows us to provide quick, responsive service to our clients in communities located throughout Southwest Riverside County. We’re local business owners, just like you. We understand the needs and concerns of owning and operating a business in our community.